ACLS Experienced Provider course (ACLSEP )

AHA ACLS EP Internationally accredited certificate awarded upon successful completion. Learners who successfully complete the requirements of the ACLS EP Course will receive an AHA ACLS EP course completion card, valid for two years. Please note, the A


ACLS EP is a classroom-based, Instructor-led course, featuring case-based scenarios.

In learning stations, interactive case-based discussions are facilitated by the ACLS EP instructor.

The cases are designed to promote critical thinking and decision-making.

The recommended group size for ACLS EP is 6-10 learners, per one ACLS EP Instructor.

There are no skills practiced in ACLS EP. All learners should come to class with a solid foundation in ACLS and ready to be tested in ACLS skills, including CPR AED, bag-mask ventilations and Megacode. 

The four core learning stations are: 1. Cardiovascular 2. Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology 3. Respiratory and Metabolic 4. Post—Cardiac Arrest Care    

Group Requests

Courses can be conducted for groups upon request, please email

Course Length:


Student Materials:

ACLS Experienced Provider manual.